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Financial Benchmarks and Economic Impact of Local Food Operations

Source: Ryan Pesch, Extension Educator-Community Economics 218-770-4398
My co-author, Brigid Tuck, and I just released the following report on the economic contributions of small vegetable farms in the Central Region of the state. It is based on the 2014 financials of 11 farms which raise between 0.25 and 6 acres of mixed vegetables. 
Little data exist about mixed vegetable operations in Minnesota, so, although maybe not a perfect comparison to your own operation, please use these numbers as benchmarks against which to compare your own operation or for basic business planning for a new start up.

The operations in the study gross $9,335 per acre in vegetable sales and retain $4,192, on average, after deducting annual cash expenses. The lion’s share of vegetable sales (75%) comes from direct marketing channels, such as farmers markets, farm stands, and CSA arrangements. Wholesale marketing channels, however, account for 25% of total sales. Measures of the economi…

Living on the Land Workshop Series for Managing Your Rural Property or Small Farm

Do you dream of owning acreage in the country? Do you have an existing farm that is in need of a plan and strategies for the best possible results? The Living on the Land Workshop Series, offered by University of Minnesota Extension, will equip you with the education and resources to be successful.

The eight-week course is designed to provide rural landowners with information and resources to enable them to be good stewards of their land. The course will begin with goal-setting and individual property inventory, then address soil, plant, water and animal management basics.

The Living on the Land curriculum addresses a growing need for information regarding small acreages. The series incorporates knowledge and experience from a team of instructors to address topics including: what do you have and what do you want, what you can do with your land, protecting water quality, what to do about weeds, pasture management, getting down and dirty with soils, and caring for and managing your ani…