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Field day in Wright County - Get more meat and milk from your pastures

Wright County is 15th in dairy cows and 18th in all cows and calves according to the 2012 USDA Census of Agriculture. The county is also 1st in horses and ponies and contains many sheep flocks and goat herds. Much of this livestock is eating grass or forage coming from our perennial pastures. Animal productivity and animal health and farm economics can be enhanced by improved pasture management. Best practices learned from other graziers can help jumpstart grazing operations.

University of Minnesota Extension and Natural Resources Conservation Service are sponsoring a pasture field day at the Matt Maier Farm, near Hasty, MN on July 26th from 4-7pm. Maier of Thousand Hills Cattle Company, who has been rotationally grazing for a number of years, will share what he has learned about managing pastures. Tom Gervais, NRCS grazing specialist, Kent Solberg, Sustainable Farming Association grazing specialist, and Rod Greder, Wright County Extension Educator will also speak.

At this field day we will be presenting management strategies to help improve your bottom-line from pastures while also enhancing soil health. Marketing strategies for grass-based livestock on pasture will be discussed. Forage plant identification and plant species choices for pastures will be

Some local and federal programs can provide financial and technical assistance for graziers wanting to establish high-density grazing systems on their farms. An NRCS representative will attend to explain these programs.

Registration and program begin at 4 pm and the workshop ends at 7 pm. There is no fee. Light meal will be provided. Some walking will be required. Pre-registration by July 22nd is requested, but not required. Park at the Hasty truck stop, Exit 183 off I-94, 10 miles NW of Monticello, MN. For registration or further information please contact the Wright County Extension Office at 763-682-7394, or e-mail
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