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Newsletter - Pick from 15+ ag newsletters

We surveyed MN farmers last year about their interests and needs.  In the responses, there was a request to share other small farm news sources.  We don't claim to be the only online newsletter one would ever want or need; personally, I subscribe to six or seven other ag focused newsletters and listservs* that keep me up to date on events, news, research, grants, and other opportunities. 

Some of you may be thinking "Nope!  I don't have time for more emails!"  Oh, how I sympathize. My method: create rules to filter incoming messages to a dedicated newsletter folder, skipping my inbox.  Whichever email client you use, consider this option.

Earlier this week, I sent a message to the rest of our Extension Small Farms Team asking for their online newsletter and listserv recommendations, it's not completely exhaustive, but here's the list of ag focused sources we assembled.

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*A listserv typically allows subscribers to post information to all other members.

SustAg – Listserv

Personally, I like SustAg the most, lots of news from a broad spectrum of posters.

Managed by:  MN Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (MISA)
Focus:  Informational posts about field days, workshops, courses, seminars, research results, books, articles, or any other educational resources or learning opportunities

  • SustAgMarket:  Buy, sell, lease, trade, barter goods related to sustainable ag and local foods
  • Healthy Debate: Your place for discussion, debate, and opinions related to sustainable ag
  • MNUrbanFarmers:  Ask questions, share resources and knowledge, urban ag focus


Alternative swine, poultry, sheep, and goats – Listservs

Managed by:  UMN Extension
Focus: Discussion among farmers, Extension Educators, and researchers on livestock production with focus on sustainable livestock production.

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MN Organic Network – Listserv

Managed by: MN Department of Ag
Focus:  Connects people who want to share information about organic agriculture, kick around ideas, ask each other questions, and work together on projects.


Weekly Harvest - Newsletter

Managed by:  National Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Focus: Has a national focus; News and resources, funding opportunities, coming events.


RSDP Happenings - Newsletter

Managed by: Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (RSDP)
Focus:  RSDP has a range of projects in MN focused on local food and sustainable agriculture.  Their newsletter features success stories, educational and funding opportunities.


Organic Broadcaster & Organic Link - Newsletters

Managed by:  Midwest Organic & Sustainable Education Service (MOSES)
Focus:  Organic production ideas, research, and policy.

SFA Connect - Newsletter

Managed by:  Sustainable Farming Association
Focus:  SFA Connect is a bi-weekly email newsletter providing news and updates from the Sustainable Farming Association, as well as a listing of other relevant events in sustainable ag.


Bee Squad Bulletin - Newsletter

Managed by:  UMN Bee Squad
Focus: News, project and research updates from the Bee Squad.


Grazing Gazette - Newsletter

Managed by:  NRCS, Fillmore SWCD, UMN Extension
Focus:  Grazing recommendations, news, and events.

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Other UMN Extension Newsletters

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That’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend!


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