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Small Farms Newsletter - Grazing and Pastures

Jake Overgaard, Extension Educator out of Winona County here.  Our Small Farms Extension Team has been in transition lately; Nathan Winter, who previously managed this newsletter has taken a new position in Extension.  So, I’ll be working on this newsletter along with other colleagues.  There are over 900 subscribers to this list (!), I look forward to sharing resources and information with you all.

This week, the newsletter focus is on pastures and grazing.  Pasture management and grazing are key interests indicated in the survey of MN small farms we did last year.  Please take a look at these opportunities and resources.

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Field day:  Get more meat/milk from your pastures
  • July 26th4-7 pm
  • Hasty, MN
  • Topics
    • Pasture management for soil health
    • Marketing strategies for grass-based livestock systems
    • Forage species selection
    • Plant identification


Workshop and field day:  Silvopasture
  • July 29-30th
  • Luck, WI
  • Topics
    • Silvopasture establishment and management
    • Farm tours using silvopasture


Farmbyte:  Fencing system design

Farmbytes are a new online feature from the UMN Extension Small Farms Team.  The main component of each Farmbyte is video.  Some videos are instructional, others are interviews with experts.
Our Farmbyte, "Fencing system design", includes a video and several manuals and other resources, check it out.
Video:  Watering system design
This video highlights the watering systems employed on four farms using rotational grazing in SE MN.  
Manual: Pastures for profit
This manual is great, it goes over plant growth, animal needs, grazing habits, grazing system design, and animal health.

Additional resources


I hope this info is of use.  Have a great weekend!

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