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To me, it seems possible that people in caves have heard about the decline of bees, it’s all over the news.  I think people are responding - It’s exciting that a growing number of people are keeping their own bees.  In addition, as farmers, there’s a great role to play in improving the health of honey bees and the vast range of other pollinators out there for their health and that of our crops.

So, here is some information, resources, and training opportunities for current/future beekeepers, and farmers.  And, if you have a lawn, make it a bee lawn, more below.  To get more bee news, sign up for the UMN Bee Bulletin.

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TED Talk – Why bees are disappearing
Dr. Marla Spivak, University of MN Professor, delivers this TED talk discussing the plight of bees and steps to improve bee health.

In the News - Here's the colony-killing mistake backyard beekeepers make
MPR shares how a novice beekeeper manages varroa mites and details how infested hives are impacted and can spread mites to other healthy hives.

Manual – Honey Bee Diseases and Pests
So how do you know if you need to treat for varroa mites? What are the treatment options?  What about other diseases and pests?
This UMN Extension manual provides guidance on sampling along with treatment recommendations, including organic options.

Article – The importance of pollinators
Fruit is the focus of this article on pollination; which fruit benefits from insect pollination? What are the symptoms of poor pollination? With info on pollination contracts, native bees, and more.

Handbook – Managing alternative pollinators
This book from SARE provides info on how to improve pollination on the farm, rear bumble bees, mason bees, leafcutter bees, etc along with info on native pollinators, and additional resources.  Great book!

Beekeeping Classes
Four upcoming classes on beekeeping in northern climates are offered on the UMN St. Paul Campus; one for beginners, another to help beekeepers improve hive survival year to year, a queen rearing course, and a ‘beyond the basics’ class.  Sign up early.

Videos – Beekeeping in northern climate
UMN Bee Lab and Extension produced videos on a range of topics including; frames, brood boxes, foundations, combs, etc. 

Bee lawns!
Do it.
Alright, I could go on, but I’m stopping there.  We’ll talk bees more some other time.  Also, are you impressed at the lack of bee puns in this newsletter?  I am.

Have a great weekend!


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