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Living on the Land: Learning to Live on a Few Acres

Colleen Carlson
UMN Extension Educator

Pining to be in the woods? Want to raise lambs but have been too sheepish to ask for
information? Don't know the difference between an eggplant and an egg shell? Would you like
to live in the country or get more enjoyment out of your current acreage?

Living on the Land is an eight-week course, offered by University of Minnesota Extension, aimed
toward people new to land ownership. Living on the Land begins with goal setting and
individual property inventory, then addresses soil, plant, livestock, and water basics.

Living on the Land will provide you with a solid background in all aspects of land management. The basic agricultural information will help you be a good steward of your land and prepare you for more advanced learning opportunities. You’ll also have plenty of time for networking and questions.

What:  A team of instructors will share their knowledge and experience to address topics including:

● what do you have and what do you want
● what you can do with your land (legal issues)
● record-keeping and finances
● protecting water quality
● maintaining wildlife, woodland and pasture
● getting dirty with soils
● profitably growing fruit, vegetables and other crops
● caring for and managing your animals.

When: Monday nights, March 13 – May 1, 2017 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Where: Belle Plaine High School Library, Belle Plaine, MN

$220.00/farm if registered before March 10, two people can attend per farm.  A $20 late
fee applies to registrations on or after March 11, 2017.

● Access to many subject matter experts face-to-face
● Numerous booklets, fact sheets and other resources
● Soil test kits
● Access to the series material online.
● Opportunity to interact with other beginning farmers
● Tours to gather ideas and inspiration

Register by calling the Scott County Extension office 952-492-5410 or us the form on the brochure,


Colleen Carlson, Extension Educator Carver/Scott (952) 492-5386 or email

Jason Ertl, Extension Educator Nicollet/Sibley (507)237-4100 or email
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