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Farm to Fork: Marketing Local Food to Institutions

Are you looking for information on customer requirements and local and state regulations governing local food sales?  Do you want to know more about food safety protocols and post-harvest handling needed to sell to restaurants, co-op's and schools?
To increase local food utilization in Wright County, University of Minnesota Extension, Crow River Food Council, and Sustainable Farming Association are hosting an educational event on May 11th, 1:00-4:30 pm at the Wright County Government Center, 10 2nd St NW Buffalo, MN 55313, Room 120 to share the information needed by producers to sell to institutions.
Space is limited. The cost is $20.  Contact the Wright County Extension Office at 763-682-7394 or by e-mail to register.  
Buying food grown locally helps strengthen our communities and puts fresh, healthy food on our dinner plates. Sourcing locally also helps us grow our understanding and appreciation of the farms, orchards and vineyards in our region. When restaurants and other food service organizations highlight local food on their menus, they stand out in a crowded marketplace.
Direct marketing helps producers manage market risk by giving them more control over how and when they sell their products, more control over pricing and a greater share of the revenue from sales. Institutional buyers likewise gain more control of their supply chain by dealing directly with producers to communicate specific requirements.
Experienced experts will speak about local and state regulations, food safety and post-harvest handling procedures. A panel of buyers will also answer questions about: pricing, contracts, quality standards, delivery and a host of other issues.

For more information, take a look at the agenda.

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