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August Small Farm Newsletter

Let's.  Talk.  Dairy.  (and about a perennial grain field day)

Those interested in organic dairy production have two field days to pick from coming up.  If you can't make it to one of those, take a look at the organic dairy resources shared below.

Plus, the UMN Extension Women in Ag Network summer tour is going to Redhead Creamery in August.

And, have you heard the buzz about the perennial wheat being developed at the U? Well, there's an opportunity to see it in production and learn more about the research and development happening.

Our website has been updated too, it's worth taking a look.

Jake Overgaard
UMN Extension Educator

Dairy Field Days and Resources
Organic Dairy Field Day - Southeast MN
Friday, August 4th

  • Learn from the Nelsons, who milk 90-100 cows on their organic dairy by Altura
  • Far tour includes a focus on pasture and forage production
  • Organic Dairy research update from UMN's Dr. Brad Heins

Organic Dairy Day - Morris
Tuesday, August 15

  • Economics of organic dairying - Dr. Larry Tranel, Iowa State University
  • Organic dairy research update - Dr. Brad Heins, University of MN
  • Guided tours
    • Pasture walk featuring Kernza
    • Organic silage variety trials
    • Feeding options for calves

Organic Dairy Resources from WCROC
The West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) in Morris uniquely researches dairy production, with side-by-side organic and conventional herds. 

They've developed great resources for farmers on the topics of herd health, forages and feed, pest and fly management, out-wintering, and profitability.  

Learn about a fly vacuum, feeding kelp and fodder systems, and out-wintering dairy herds among other topics at their website.

Other Upcoming Educational Opportunities
UMN is holding a Kernza Field Day on August 10th near Madison, MN.

Kernza (TM) is a perennial grain being bred & developed for commercialization in a partnership between the Forever Green Initiative and The Land Institute. Come learn from a farmer who is growing it and get an update on the research and development of the grain.

UMN Extension's Women in Ag Network's summer tour will be headed to Redhead Creamery. Attendees will get a tour of the farm, discuss managing a family business, and have the opportunity to network and socialize. The tour is on August 16th from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm. Learn more about the event and register here.

Website Update
A few brave UMN Extension Small Farms Team members took on the task of reviewing our website.  A number of changes were made to improve the look, but most importantly, we added resources on fruit, vegetables, crops, forages, livestock, farm safety, business and marketing, and general land management that ought to be useful.  Take a look!

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