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Local Food Fine Print Podcast - Episode 4 - The Good Acre Part II

In episode 4, I continue our conversation with Nick of The Good Acre. We discuss negotiating price, the grower support they provide, volume requirements, liability insurance, food safety, roadblocks to entering the wholesale market, product specifications, and you won't want to miss the "produce battle". You can listen to the podcast here , on iTunes, or Stitcher . We discussed a resource for wholesale producers called "Wholesale Success", you can find information about it on the MISA website: We would really appreciate your feedback on this episode via this short survey: .

Women in Ag Network Third Annual Conference on February 15

by Sarah Schieck St. Cloud, Minn. (1/30/2018)—“Overcoming Adversity,” the third annual Women in Ag Network Conference will be February 15, 2018 in St. Cloud, MN at the Holiday Inn and Suites.  This third annual event will be a day of learning and networking for women involved in agriculture.  Registration begins at 8:45 a.m. with conference program from 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Katie Pinke, publisher of AgWeek and blogger of the The Pinke Post , will be the keynote speaker.  The title of her presentation is, “Accepting Interruptions to Define Your Path Forward,” where Katie will explain that even the most well-orchestrated plans aren’t exempt from interruptions on the farm or off the farm.  Drawing upon trials and triumphs in her personal life and ag business career, Katie will help attendees define their best path forward through life’s pivotal moments. Breakout sessions will feature five diverse tracks for attendees to choose from: farm business planning, stress managemen

Help us out - Pesticide needs assessment

The Pesticide Safety and Environmental Education team with Extension is working to develop more resources for fruit and vegetable growers as well as organic growers of all kinds. We aim to address safety, technical education, questions about effectiveness of different products, and integrated pest management. In order to do so effectively, we are conducting this survey to gain a baseline understanding of current practices, questions that farmers have, and how we can share information and resources most effectively.  The survey takes 5-10 minutes to complete, depending on the respondent's comfort level with using computers. It can be taken on a computer or a smart phone.  Here is a link to the survey: If participants choose to include their email at the end, they will be added to a random drawing to win a pair of safety gloves.

Local Food Fine Print Episode 3 - The Good Acre

In Episode three of the Local Food Fine Print, Nick of the Good Acre is interviewed about what the Good Acre is, talk about product demand, communication with growers, annual meetings, and how farmers can approach buyers about selling them produce. You can listen here , on iTunes, or Stitcher . We would really appreciate your feedback on this episode via this short survey: .

LFFP Podcast Episode 2, Bluff Country Co-op, Part 2

In the Local Food Fine Print, we interview food buyers to learn how farmers can access their market and improve relations with buyers. The focus is on intermediate markets like co-ops, restaurants, food hubs, grocery stores, etc. Plus, we discuss details like insurance, pricing, food safety, and more. In this episode, I continue the interview with Jason of Bluff Country Co-op. We discuss grade standards, packaging, PLU codes, pricing, common roadblocks to selling produce to the co-op, and you won't want to miss the produce battle. Listen to it here , you can find it on iTunes and Stitcher too. We would really appreciate your feedback on this episode via this short survey: .

Small Farms Newsletter

Take advantage of the off-season Honestly, I think "off-season" is the wrong term. I know you're all busy year-round, and while you may not be putting in 14 hour days in the field, you've got work to do. It may be appropriate to say "different-season", or we can just call it winter. Either way, I hope you have the time to take advantage of the valuable educational opportunities coming up. This newsletter focuses on a few online options, some conferences, and a new podcast I've created. -Jake Overgaard  Extension Educator UPCOMING EVENTS Online options Local Foods College  is a weekly @ 6 pm webinar series going from January 23rd to February 27th with topics on fruit and nut production, pasture management, deep winter greenhouses, seed saving, and pollinators. Participate in these from the comfort of your own home. Sign up  here .     Backyard Chickens - Science and Practice    (ANSC 1201) is a course offered