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Living on a Few Acres, Make the Most of Living on the Land

By Colleen Carlson
Extension Educator
Scott County

Want to raise sheep but have been too sheepish to ask for information? Want to know what’s the difference between sod and soil?  Can a pasture also be a pig pen? Would you like to grow your knowledge of what it takes to live in the country or get more enjoyment out of your current acreage? The University of Minnesota Extension will present a Living on the Land Workshop in Elko New Market.

Living on the Land, an eight session course will be held Monday nights, April 2, - May 14, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Firehouse Grill meeting room, 7875 Old Town Road, in Elko New Market, MN.  The class fee is $225.00, for up to two people per farm.
Living on the Land is designed to walk those new to land ownership through a process of selecting a purpose and developing a plan for their small acreage, says Colleen Carlson, Scott County Extension Educator. “This class will provide residents a unique learning experience to prepare them for living on the land.” Participants will take stock of what they have; land, soil, woodlands, and buildings to assess their personal resources and skills to develop long and short term goals. They will learn why the living soil shouldn’t be treated like dirt, what’s up in the watershed, how co-exist with wildlife, woods and weeds along with the basics of growing pasture, fruits and vegetables as well address the raising of animals-feeding, fencing and manure management.  

These basic, yet essential topics will help you become a good steward of your land and prepare you for more advanced learning opportunities.  The program includes classroom discussion, field trips, fact sheets, booklets, and online resources.

Past participants of Living on the Land, enjoyed interacting with other beginning land owners, appreciated having face to face access with subject matter experts and gained new insights as what is possible on their acreage.
For more info, take a look at the brochure. To register contact Colleen Carlson, Extension Educator Carver/Scott,,
 952-492-5386 Scott County Extension
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