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Small Farms Newsletter - July 2019

I think this spring and early summer season is another reminder of how we increasingly need strategies for dealing with highly variable weather.  I do a lot of work related to nutrient management and conservation, this type of weather has me thinking about how precipitation might be affecting us in these respects. In this newsletter, I'm sharing a number of resources that can help you address soil and nutrient management. Also, this growing season may be compounding other issues you're dealing with on the farm. If it's starting to weigh heavily on you or someone around you, please see the resources below. To receive this newsletter direct to your inbox, sign up  here . -Jake Overgaard  Extension Educator Stress on the Farm I asked my Extension colleague Emily Wilmes to recommend a few resources that struggling farmers might start with. Whether it's you, a family member, friend, neighbor, client, whoever - please reach out.