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Farms and Woodlands Course

BRAND NEW OFFERING!  UMN Extension developed the  Farms and Woodlands Course  especially for landowners who want to get the most out of every acre of their land. This comprehensive program gives landowners insight on taking a whole system approach to farm and woodland management. The course consists of 12 self-paced modules offered online. Each module contains exercises and group discussions. Complete the work on your schedule, while still contributing to group learning. 3 in-person meetings and 2 virtual meetings will be held to help answer your questions and to provide an opportunity to meet with and learn from professionals and fellow landowners. The course will run from November 21, 2019 through April 2020, click here to see the course schedule. Learn: - How to map your property - How to identify noxious weeds and invasive species in your fields and woods - How to handle land transitions and estate planning - How your farm practices can impact your woods, and vice versa - A