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COVID-19 response plan template and FAQ for fruit and vegetable farms

Authors: Natalie Hoidal, Extension Educator, Local Foods & Vegetable Production and Annalisa Hultberg, Extension Educator, Food Safety

In response to the needs of farmers and gardeners in the state, the University of Minnesota Extension fruit and vegetable and food safety educators and partners at UW Wisconsin Extension have created template COVID-19 response plans for fruit and vegetable farms as well as community gardens.

The COVID-19 farm template plan can be accessed here:
The COVID-19 garden template plan can be accessed here:

They are set up as Google documents that you can download as a Word file, or copy into your own Google drive, and then edit. Plans and FAQ doc will be updated regularly as new information and research is released.

We've also created an accompanying FAQ page specific to issues that fruit and vegetable farmers and gardeners are asking about in relation to COVID-19 such as cleaning and sanitizing, masks, and gloves. The FAQ document can be accessed here:

We hope that these can be useful to the groups you work with! These plans are essentially a series of prompts to help farmers and gardeners identify risk across various aspects of the farm or garden, with lists of science-based practices farms can use to minimize risks. We decided to add as many suggestions as possible at the risk of creating an intimidatingly long document in order to give people plenty of ideas, but none of the suggestions are required. They are merely ideas to minimize risk based on the science and best practices from public health officials. 

Some additional resources our team is working on include:

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